Preparing for "The New Normal"

"Face coverings are to become compulsory for people using public transport in England from Monday 15 June." Source: BBC News Website: Coronavirus: Coronavirus: Who should wear a face mask or face covering?

The government has been advising the nation for the need to find a “new normal” to ease the lockdown. With other countries seeing their government’s finally lifting restrictions, it is only natural to assume that the UK will continue to ease it’s restrictions as the situation progresses. It would however, be naive to assume that we are close to restrictions being lifted altogether.

A phased approach back to the work is underway in many work places, but those who have already returned to work will have found it to be a very different environment to the ones they left around 3 months ago. Work space dividers, marked out working spaces, designated routes for walking round the office and staggered working arrival times is becoming the norm across the UK.

With face coverings now compulsory for people using public transport (as of the 15th June) the phrase PPE has never been so widely used across the UK. Our new PPE Vending Solutions are there to support the return to work and public spaces such as; airports, train stations, bus and ferry terminals, shopping centers and sports and exhibition centers, to ensure that members of the public have access to the PPE items that they need when they need them.

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